12 de marzo de 2007

English gentlemen are pure history

Well, after doing my first post I decided to add a new post regarding a country where I am living and which I will stay for a few weeks then I am out of here (thankfully). Ohhhh England such a vast country, full of history, it's delicious tea and it's shitty food. Now that I appreciate it clearly, it's simply a country that catches you in one way or another.

Because of this, I decided to share my experience for all those mexicans, latins or anyone that has finished here by coincidence. Coming to this country is to fill yourself of a rich history, an amazing architecture and people. But after a few days you realize that this is precisely that, pure history. If you sit down and appreciate the new buildings it's simply as if you were in any first world country, nothing to really admire and here's where I want to start the reason of my post.

Since I have use of memory I learned in school that the word gentleman was a synonym of english men. Honestly God bless ignorance because until now I realize that what my teachers taught me was a lie, even when they were teaching me I am sure that gentlemen didn't exist anymore. I've been in several pubs and here goes the logistic of the social life of english people in a pub. They sit down in a table and drink, drink, drink and keep drinking but in that process of getting wasted everyone pays a round and goes to the bar paying and bringing the beers to the table. Sounds fair enough, right? But if there are ladies in the table? hummm, what the fuck is that? This men (I prefer using a proper word for them, I am still here in England) simply don't fucking care and let the girl pay the round (couldn't agree more with this action, good for you mates) and carry all the beers, eyyyy pricks!, should I shove a watermelon in your ass? (if you didn't get my point it's not my problem) no, right? physically men are stronger than women, right? so stand up and bring the free beers you are getting.
And then I question myself, should I bring all the mexican girls that just fucking complain to the point of annoying me? And they call mexicans machos, fuck yea. Eyyy mexican girls, english men are all yours just snap out of your bubble.

They don't open the door for women, they don't kiss them as an expression of love (in public). Or is there any woman that will affirm me that you don't like a man that expresses his feelings in public. And I said love not grabbing a boob, ass or even fucking in the street no no no, don't misunderstand me please. In clubs they just go, "dance", get drunk, try to hit on a girl and then fuck her; shit am I old fashion? like we say in Mexico, at least invite her to the cinema? a small kiss at least, it's free come on!

So I simply concluded that gentlemen are no more than a poster, painting or an old memory of a 90 year old man. Indeed not even all the money and/or education is enough, right mates?

2 comentarios:

Caiguar dijo...

feliz día de la mujer, que no?.
pues habrá que pensar que primo escribió este texto, al que no le interesa la mujer y está caliente o cuando se enamora, aunque la verdad no te he conocido enamorado, pero esperaria verte algún día, porque de saliva nos mojamos todos. jajajjaja
un beso primaxo
sabe que se le quiere

DaViD CaNo dijo...

jejeje excelente su traducción esa que dice "de jodida invitame al cine" jejejeje
primaxo lo hemos comprobado una ves más. Las mexicanas, no todas ( por ahí hay algunas que si saben valorar)devaluan al mexicano, por mero malinchismo, no por nada se agarraron desde sus ancestras al hernán cortez.
Por otra parte no digo que los mexicanos seamos unas moneditas de oro, pero estamos menos pior que en otros países...